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Natural Beauty Wood Floors was started to ensure customers have access to high quality wood floor products from a reliable and honest company. As a company we prioritize both our employees and customers to ensure they are well cared for. As wood floor craftsman we can ensure beautiful and high quality finished wood flooring. Our team is well experienced in all part of wood flooring including both installation and refinishing. This helps the job to run without incident and yield a beautiful finished product. We use processes that are certified and high quality products to provide the best finished product.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Our most important assets

Professional and amazing customer service. My parents had her bathroom floor redone and the work was absolutely perfect!

Carolann H.

Love my floors for exactly what I wanted!

Ashley L.

Dustless Wood Floor Refinishing

Wood flooring and dust do not have to go hand and hand. We hate wood dust as much as you do which is why we have invested in the best quality vacuum systems. Our vacuum systems are high powered and effective. There is no other vacuum system on the market that works as well as our system.

The main benefit of the Dustless vacuum:

Safer air quality

  • Mess is reduced
  • Dust levels kept as low as possible
  • Better Overall Finish
  • Dust complaints mitigated
  • Safe, Durable Flooring Finishes

Safe, Durable Hardwood Flooring Finishes

When you refinish or install new wood flooring it is a big investment in your home. We know the cost can be a huge factor for a lot of our customers, so we want to ensure the floor has the highest quality finish. A new floor should last years to come with proper maintenance. By adding the toughest barrier between your feet and wood we can help preserve your floor for as long as possible. A strong finish coat can help reduce overall flooring costs through the years.

**Our company also provides green options with the goal to keep you and your family safe. Many of our water-based products and some of the oil based products meet green standards and are safer for your family.

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