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FLINT, MI Hardwood Refinishing & Installation

Natural Beauty Wood Floors is a company to ensure our hardwood customers from Flint, Michigan get the best flooring possible. We provide the best services for hardwood floor refinishing & installation in the area. Natural Beauty does this by being honest, fair, prioritizing our customers and always giving our best to each customer. Our team is highly experienced in hardwood floor refinishing & installation with years of real job training. Being a good hardwood floor installer or a great hardwood floor refinisher takes time and dedication. Natural Beauty floors provides an atmosphere for learning and growth. When choosing Natural Beauty floors of Flint you are choosing the best flooring contractor of the area.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Our most important assets

Professional and amazing customer service. My parents had her bathroom floor redone and the work was absolutely perfect!

Carolann H.

Love my floors for exactly what I wanted!

Ashley L.

Dustless Wood Floor Refinishing

The most common question from homeowners is about the hardwood flooring sanding process either during the wood floor installation or the hardwood refinishing. The great news is that Natural Beauty is a certified dustless hardwood flooring company. Dustless has many benefits and you really should make sure to use a company that uses dustless floor sanding processes.

The best benefits of the dustless vacuum:

Safer air quality

  • Reduced overall dust in the home
  • Cleaner air to breath
  • Better ending product
  • Virtually zero dust complaints
  • Safe, Durable Flooring Finishes

Safe, Durable Hardwood Flooring Finishes

Hardwood flooring is a big investment. When having a hardwood floor installed or a wood floor refinished, we know that cost is a big factor on which company you ultimately decide to use. Natural beauty always promises to ensure your flooring project is done with craftsmanship throughout the entire process. Our company & employees pride ourselves on the very best installation & sanding. We use the best installation products, sandpaper & finish. Using quality products and not cutting corners throughout the process of your hardwood flooring project we can ensure a great ending result for you and your family for many years to come! Using the proper hardwood refinishing techniques or installation procedures puts us above the competition in every way.


*** Our company offers water-based, oil & acid cure finishes. We are able to do anything.

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