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About Natural Beauty

About Natural Beauty Flooring

I know some think it’s just wood floors but I kinda take it
more like the customer is hiring a tattoo artist that is drawing a
lifetime mark on them. I want to do the same in their home. It’s more
than that as well. It’s the experience They have even whole working with
me. The interaction. The joy the laughter sharing their home remodeling
goals that I enjoy most.

Back in the summer of 1997 I was asked if I wanted a summer job doing
some hardwood flooring with a friend of the family. Little did I know
it, that summer changed my life and created a passion that I have always
held close into my heart. Wood flooring to me was more than a trade or
more than a job to me. It was joyous gratification I got when I seen the
satisfaction and customer praise I experienced. Was as if I painted a
mural the customer always wanted. Wood flooring has always made me feel
like I was an artist.

With every experience I faced from success to failures, I learned to
better myself in the trade and always continued to learn more and more
about the industry and its latest and greatest technologies. I have
worked with many great “artists” or as some would say wood floor
technicians over the years and I could name 20 of them that I have
learned to blend every great technique and experience that ultimately is
more than just a job it’s become my passion and my most enjoyable hobby.

I was born and raised in Oakland County. I have experienced the ups in
downs in our economy from Detroit to Saginaw. We have gone through a lot
here in Michigan but there’s something about this area that I live the
most is the people! One pride over here!!!

Natural Beauty Wood Floors
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