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Hardwood Refinishing


Refinishing hardwood floors brings them back to their original beauty and luster. It is amazing to see the transformation your floors will undergo when refinished. We use the NWFA sanding process to help ensure the finished product is pristine. We have a lot of training and experience in this process which ensures out finished product is high quality. We combine our experience and top quality equipment to help create the best finished product possible. We don’t just use the best equipment, but we also use the best finishes. The combination of equipment and finishes creates a durable and beautiful floor. We want your floor to be enjoyed for many years without worry.

Many of our customers express concerns about dust. Dust can be a big issue when the right equipment is not used. The combination of our equipment, training and vacuum system contains the most amount of dust possible.  The vacuum makes quick work of removing all the dust from inside your home where it can be disposed of. This cutting-edge system is a game changer in the wood industry.

Natural Beauty Hardwood refinishing in Detroit is dedicated to the hardwood flooring industry. We ensure only the best practices of the NWFA for refinishing hardwood floors. With over 15 years of experience we take the time needed for each and every job to ensure your hardwood refinishing project comes out just perfect.


Hardwood flooring has made big advancements in the last 20 years and one of the areas it has grown the most is with finishes. Water-based finishes have less drawbacks then their predecessors but are still durable and beautiful. High quality water based products have reduced V.O.C.s which means a reduction in smell and unhealthy gases. V.O.C.s can be bad for your health and some floor finishes take up to 60 days to gas off. The water-based finishes can gas off in as little as 2-36 hours. These finishes don’t compromise durability, lasting 5-8 years before needing a maintenance coat.

We are also able to do Zero VOC finishes such as penetrating oils. These finishes are durable, offer Zero VOCS and are a new trend in finishes currently. The finish is a little more matte and natural. IF you are interested in learning more about penetrating oils for your hardwood floor refinish, ask us on your bid about them!



Hardwood floors are resilient. They are able to take abuse throughout the years and when the time comes they can be re-sanded and made to look new.  With hardwood refinishing, the transformation in just a few hours of work is truly marvelous.

Hardwood flooring can withstand a lot of abuse, but it is not indestructible. The use and abuse will eventually wear through the floor and it will need to be re-sanded and refinished. The refinishing will transform the floor over just a few days.

Hardwood is resilient and makes an excellent floor covering. The hardwood floor will need to be refinished after a few years of use. The sanding process may be something you are curious about. The process on average takes 2 days but the timeline varies based on your specific project.

Things you will see changed on your floor:

  • Scratching removed, most major scratches removed but not guaranteed
  • Fill applied to cracks
  • Sheen is even and uniform
  • Grime, germs and dirt is removed
  • Pet stains removed but not guaranteed
  • Floor feels smooth and even under your feet
  • Floor looks like a new floor
  • Maintenance free until the next maintenance coat is required (5-8 years)

How you can expect our Employees to Be:

  • On Time
  • Honest and Respectful
  • Clean and keep work space tidy
  • Listens to your needs and requests
  • Answer questions you have
  • Background checked
  • Informative during walk-thru at the end of the job

A typical hardwood refinishing process is 3 steps, the bid, the work and the walk-thru. The Bid, we come in and meet you, take a look at the space and figure out what is wanted/required for the wood floor refinishing job. After figuring out what exactly you and your family are after we then will send a detailed wood flooring bid/quote over to you.

The day scheduled for work, we show up and re-evaluate the hardwood flooring space. We then go over with you again the details of the job and the timeline we have for the job. After we do that, we begin working on your hardwood floor and start the wood floor refinishing process.

After the work is done, we like to do a walk-thru with each and every client. This ensure we can show you the floor refinish was just have done. This also allows you to ask any question about your hardwood floor refinish.


Dust containment is one of our biggest priorities when working on your home. We have don’t all we can to ensure dust will not be a big problem after we leave. We have the best vacuum system on the market. The trailer mounted vacuum system features a  motor that sucks up dust better than any other system. The traditional sanding equipment dust containment and vacuums have bags that must be changed in your home which allows more dust to enter the environment. Our hoses remove the dust immediately to be bagged and dealt with outside. We are 99% dust free and very proud of this level of dust containment.

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