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Hardwood Installation

Hardwood Installation

Hardwood flooring has a classic charm that transforms any room. The timeless addition of hardwood flooring is a big investment in your home. Hardwood flooring is not a new trend, its been around for hundreds of years and the durability and beauty of wood flooring help to make it a great value overtime. The different looks you can create by combining different finishes, stains and even species of wood lets you fully customize your flooring.

Choosing an installer for your flooring is as important as choosing the right wood. A company that adheres to the policies and installation guidelines from the NWFA is vital to ensuring a great finished floor. The NWFA was created to protect both the consumer and the industry professional. Our team is well versed in these guidelines and have the skills to execute them. The years of experience and training helps to put our customers minds at ease. We are craftsman in the trade and know it shows when you see our finished product. A great installation is the first step to create a forever floor.

Forever floors have to be installed under strict guidelines. The right nails, nailing schedule, glue as well as other steps have to be used to create an ideal install. The right installation and maintenance can help your floor last more than a century. While the installer cant do anything about how the floor is treated after they leave they can use the right step to minimize gapping and movement.


Hardwood installation requires a bid on site. This allows us to see the space & meet with you to hear your expectations of the project. A space really needs to be felt out to see what will work best and look the best in your home. Within 24-48 hours you will have our hardwood flooring installation emailed to you.

After our company is selected to do the hardwood installation at your house we will show up on the specified day. We will once again take a look at the space, talk with you regarding the project and go over all details again. After, we will begin the wood floor installation process. After the wood floor is installed (if plank flooring) we will begin the sanding process and finish the floor. Usually a hardwood installation with sanding takes 3-8 days depending on the size of the home.

After the hardwood floor installation is complete, it is time for a walk-thru. A walk-thru lets us show off the work we have completed and give you a sense of what the floor is about and how it was done. It also allows for any questions you might have about the floor or wood floor installation itself.

Installation Expectations


  • Installation Expectations
  • Meet or exceed MWFA installation guidelines
  • Keep job site clean and safe
  • Install tight joints
  • High quality wood mill products only
  • Glue when needed

What to Expect From Natural Beauty Wood Floors-

  • On Time
  • Tidy
  • Informative
  • Follows NWFA standards

What to Expect From Natural Beauty Wood Floors

  • Prompt
  • Careful to minimize saw dust and dust in your home
  • Free to answer questions you may have
  • Always follows NWFA standards

Domestic Vs Exotic

When looking at species of wood the two main categories are domestic and exotic. These two sub-categories of species can be an option in your home depending on the individual climate in your home and area. Domestic hardwood is recommended for most homes because it is more stable and still offers a lot of variety. Our team is well versed on the benefits and drawbacks of each hardwood species and how they may work in your home.

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